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Home >> 保密声明

. This security statement suitable stand

This security statement is suitable all Web stand which and the territory has in, as well as we have completely affiliated organization (lueie Web stand.

Aims at non-Blueie the Web stand the link

To supply the convenience and the information to you, Blueie the Web stand possibly provides aims at the third party Web stand the link. If you visit these links, you will leave Blueie the Web stand. Blueie cannot control these stands or their security, these measures are possible and the Blueie measure is different. Regarding the third party Web stand, we do not make any guarantee or the narration. The Blueie security statement is not suitable in you chooses provides to irrelevant third party individual information. We encourage you before submitting your individual information to examine the related company's security policy. Certain third party company is possibly willing to give theirs individual data sharing Blueie, these shared data is kept secret this third party company the policy the restriction.

2. We collect information type

This security statement is suitable for individual information, the non-individual data collection as well as the set report. Individual information

Is information which is connected with yours name or the status. Blueie uses individual information is to understand that well you need with the interest, and provide a better service for you. Once you choose to us supply individual information, we guaranteed that these information only use in supporting you and the Blueie customer relations. We will treat you earnestly to our trust. Blueie not yours individual information sell, the temporary hiring or rents for a long time for other people.

In certain Blueie in the Web stand, you may order the product or the service, requests the information, subscribes the market marketing or the support material, registers you or your Blueie product, or is applies for Blueie the work. You provide to ours individual information type on these pages including the name, the address, the telephone number, the electronic mail address, user ID and the password, the bill and the transaction information, the credit card information, the first choice contact method, the education and the professional background as well as the work interest data.

If wants to cause our Web stand, the service or the correspondence personalization and wants to improve our product and the service, we will request you to supply concern your individual to us either the professional interest information, your individual statistical data as well as you use the experience which our product or will serve. These detailed information do not request you to provide.

Non-individual information

Is related and the specific individual status independence use and serves the operation the data. How does Blueie through collect and analyzes the non-individual information to appraise the visitor to use Blueie the Web stand.

We collect the non-individual data possibly includes the page which, the only URL 1, browser type which and the IP 2 addresses stand visits in Blueie in the Web visits in The majority non-individual data are through cookie or other parsing technique collection. the Web page uses cookie, Web beacon and other technologies carries on the data analysis and the personalized service. Blueie also lays aside the advertisement in other Web stand, these stands possibly use cookie.

3. Child privacy

Blueie protects child's privacy need firmly, simultaneously hoped that the parents and the guardian participate in and pay attention to child's online activity and the interest positively. Blueie will not intend to collect below 13 years old child's information, moreover the Blueie Web stand will not face below 13 years old the child.

4. How do we use your information

Blueie uses your individual information is to provide the service to you, is also to help us to understand you to need well with the interest. Specifically speaking, we use your information to help you to complete the transaction or the order form, carries on the correspondence with you, provides the service or the support to you, renews service which and advantage provides for you, personalized promotion preferential benefit, as well as personalized certain Blueie Web stand. Sometimes, we also possibly will use your information to relate with you, in order to will carry on the market investigation and study to the Blueie product or the service. You have the opportunity to choose concern this kind of correspondence security first choice item (please to see also the 7th part our security first choice item and withdrawal choice. The credit card information only uses in paying processes and prevents the fraudulent practice. Our finance will serve the provider or Blueie will not use in these information any other any goal, and these information's retention time will not excel in provides the time which the service station will need, only if you will request us to retain your credit card information to prepare in the future time the purchase will use.

For provides more coherent consistent and the personalized experience in you with in the Blueie interactive contact to you, will collect the information through some Blueie service items possibly with the information merge which will obtain through other Blueie service items.

Blueie is a globalized enterprise, its legal entity, the operation flow, the management structure as well as the technical system surmount the national boundary. Our related privacy's convention goal lies in the world provides the protection for yours individual information. We will possibly share your individual information in the Blueie interior and shift to us develop the service various countries. Certain countries possibly provide the few legal protection for yours information. In these countries, Blueie still by us in here description way process information.

The non-individual data's collection is to report Blueie the Web stand the utilization ratio, the performance and the efficiency. These information use in improving the user experience, the usability and the stand content.

5. Who shares your information with us

Blueie not yours individual information sell, the temporary hiring or rents for a long time for other people. Blueie not yours individual information and the third party sharing, only if to respond you concerns to the product or the service. When you submit your information, we will request that you agreed. Blueie will have in Blueie the enterprise entity as well as will represent our benefit between the company to share the customer information, but ow we to only use the situation which limited to above your informationwill state.

Blueie can serve the provider and the supplier conclude and sign contract with the third party, with the aim of providing ow us to use the product which, the service and the customer solution completely your informationdescribes. We request the supplier and serve the provider to the information which receives by the Blueie name to carry on the security, and serves besides them for the Blueie execution, do not use in these information any other goals. To provide the service well for the customer, these will serve the provider possibly to have the change, we also possibly and serve the provider conclude and sign contract.

Only if following situation, otherwise, Blueie will not share individual information without yours permission with any third party: (i) responds the public authority official authorization the information requirement; (ii) abides by the law any, the rules and regulations, the subpoena or the court makes the shape; the (iii) help prevents the cheating or exercises, protects Blueie or its subsidiary company right and the property; Or (iv) protects the Blueie employee as well as in the Blueie location third party personal safety.
Regardless of stemming from the strategy or other service reason, possibly has the following situation, namely Blueie decision purchase, merge or by other ways in certain national reorganization service. Such transaction possibly involves to discloses individual information to possible or the actual purchase side, or receives individual information from the seller. The Blueie convention is seeks the suitable protection in these type transaction for the information.

6. Your choice

Blueie lets your selective reception each kind has the supplement significance information to our product and the service. You may receive certain products and the certain service specific information through the reservation, as well as entire Blueie scope marketing correspondence. The entire Blueie scope's correspondence possibly includes the new product information, the special price or participates in the market investigation and study the invitation. You may choose through the mail delivery, the email or the telephone obtain the entire Blueie scope the correspondence. You may in the data pick-up point either through Blueie Passport (the Blueie special-purpose online customer registration tool, only in the US available) make or change your choice. Related further showing, please see also the 7th part. We will try to respect you the first choice item. This option is not suitable in the management order form completes, goal and so on contract, support, product safe warning or driver renewal correspondences.

7. Your security first choice item and withdrawal choice

Non-subscription service

Besides you provide time the data states the goal, Blueie will not use in yours individual information other goals. Irrelevant use example including transmission about special price, product information and market marketing news correspondence. But, you may defer to the following explanation selective reception these kind of non-subscription correspondence.

Subscription service

If wants to give up the correspondence which received you already explicitly to request (e.g. email news express, software update and so on), below please use any method: The choice email he withdrawalor ancels the subscriptionthe link, or withdrawal explanation operation which includes according to each subscription correspondence.

Returns to your original registration first choice item of Web page, then according to withdrawal subscription explanation operation.

Writes a letter keeps secret the office for Blueie - please by all means must to provide your name, the email and the postal service address, as well as your Blueie subscription and registration related information

8. Your information and third party company

Certain Blueie service is linking from the irrelevant third party company's service, some provided have permitted individual information option which Blueie and the third party shared you to provide. Such example including the following situation: Page registers the software product which from Blueie the Web many suppliers provide, requested the Blueie market marketing or the solution partner provides the correspondence, completes the order form through the distributor. Only if you make such decision, otherwise we will not share yours individual information with these third party company.

9. Your information access authority and accuracy

Blueie will maintain with every effort your individual information is accurate. We through have used the suitable technology, the management process and the strategy guarantee the customer data the accuracy. We will allow you to visit your information, including provides the online visit with every effort, and enables you to change your information. In order to protect your privacy and the security, we will also take the suitable measure to confirm your status (e.g. password and user ID), after confirmation only will then award you to visit your data jurisdiction. Blueie Web stand's certain regions possibly through use the password and other individual identifier limit for the specific individual information visit.

Examines and changes your individual information most highly effective method is returns to your original submission data Web page, then or uses Blueie Passport according to this Web page's on explanation operation.

10. Ensures your information security

Blueie pledged that protects you to provide to ours information. In order to prevent without authorization the visit and prevent to divulge a secret, simultaneously also for the service data correct unmistakable as well as guaranteed that the reasonable use information, Blueie had already adopted the information which the corresponding physics and the management measure protect us to collect.

When collection or transmission sensitive data (for example credit card information), we will use the security sleeve joint character level (SSL) encryption. Uses the SSL encryption is to let outside us any other people be unable to read these information. If you in the browser window's base saw that (is decided specifically to a complete key or the closure lock graph by yours browser), then this secure measure already became effective.

The credit card number only uses in processing the payment, but will not use in other goals. As a real-time payment processing part, Blueie has ordered the cheat supervisory service. This service and Blueie has provided the higher degree security in view of the credit card cheat for you, can thus protect your financial data.

11. This statement change

If Blueie he online security statedthe provision has the renewal, we will post these changes, and will renew this documents the revision date, like this you will be able to understand all the time which information we online will collect, we how to use these information as well as you have which to choose. Regarding this statement's important change, Blueie will inform the customer which will affect.

12. Contacts with us

We treasure your respected opinion. If you have the opinion or the question to our security policy, please transmit it to Blueie keeps secret the office. Revision in February, 2008

1 URL (uniform resource locator) is the documents and other resources on World Wide Web global address. For example, is Blueie American main page URL.

2 IP addresses are the computer or the equipment in the transmission control protocol /Internet agreement (TCP/IP) network (e.g. World Wide Web) on identifier. The network uses the TCP/IP agreement and acts according to the destination the IP address routing information. In other words, the IP address is you when Web the surfing assigns automatically for yours computer's serial number, thus enables the Web server to locate and to mark your computer. The computer must have the IP address, such user can correspond, the browsing on Internet and the shopping.

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