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Home >> 数据中心(IDC)
server to rent (main engine to rent) serves is refers to the user request to have consummates the engine room, the good network and the rich operation experience's service provider manages its computer system, causes it to be safer, stably, the highly effective movement. Namely the user own network equipment (server, switchboard and so on) places we to provide the professional service in the engine room, enjoys value-added service which the high quality the band width, increases unceasingly and 247 various aspects monitor the service.

Micro server series

The complete machine rents the price
Complete machine plan Micro 1U server Micro 1U server Micro 2U server Micro 2U server
Processor Intel P4 2.8G Intel P4 2.8G Intel P4 2.4G (to strong) Double Intel P4 2.4G (to strong)
The sign matches the memory 1.0G DDR 1.0G DDR 1G DDR 2.0G DDR ECC
The sign matches the floppy disk 80G IDE 36G SCSI 36G SCSI 36G SCSI
Network card 100/1000Base-T auto-adapted network card
Network interface 100,000,000,000,000 sharing
IP address Free provides one
Long-distance management Long-distance management software for example: Terminal server, PCANYWHERE, SSH and so on
Engine room disposition The international standard telecommunication engine room, 24 hour engineer the value defends, the UPS, against static electricity floor, the constant temperature constant humidity air conditioning, the special-purpose monitoring entrance guard, the telecommunication standard cabinet
Operating system Win2000 Server/Linux/Novell/SCO/Solaris and so on
Size dimension 42544550mm 42544550mm 42588550mm 42588550mm
Monthly payment expense 3000 Yuan 3500 Yuan 3800 Yuan 4000 Yuan
The season pays the expense 6000 Yuan 7000 Yuan 7500 Yuan 9500 Yuan
A half year expense 11000 Yuan 12000 Yuan 14500 Yuan 16500 Yuan
The year pays the expense 15000 Yuan 18000 Yuan 26000 Yuan 30000 Yuan
Special explanation 1st, the server uses one year later the server hardware property right turns over to the user, if one year later continued to use the Chinese blue color attraction network trust service to be entrusted with the expense to give the preferential benefit according to at that time the market price.
2nd, the above expense already included the server trust expense, the seat on a plane expense, the port expense, the system installation expense, the software installation expense, the current capacity has spent and so on.
3rd, free system maintenance, free system upgrade, free rewiring system.
4th, the monthly payment, Ji Fu, a half year pay the customer must pay 5000 Yuan, 3000 Yuan, 2000 Yuan different expenses separately to take the server hardware's deposit, after treating pays expenses by stages completes, disposable returns.

DELL server series

Server model Parameter Rents the price
PowerEdge 1750 Xeon 2.4GHz/256MB/36GB 32000
PowerEdge 2650 Xeon 1.8GHz/256MB/36GB 38000

HP server series

Server model Parameter Rents the price
ProliantDL360 G4 Xeon 3.06GHz/1GB 35000
ProliantDL380 G2 Xeon 2.4GHz/512M 40000
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