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A website's success or not has the great importance before the station construction website plan the relations. Before establishing the website to construct the website explicitly the goal, the definite website's function, the definite website scale, the investment expense, carry on the essential market analysis and so on. Only the detailed plan, can avoid many questions which appears in the website construction, enables the website construction to carry on smoothly.
The website plan is refers to before the website construction carries on the analysis to the market, to determine that the website the goal and the function, and according to need to the website construction technology, the content, the expense, the test, the maintenance and so on to make the plan. The website plan constructs the plan and the instruction function to the website, and maintains the positioning action to the website content.
The website plan book leaves should cover in the website plan as far as possible each aspect, the website plan book writing wants the science, to be earnest, to be realistic.

The website plan book bag contains the content is as follows:
First, before constructing the website the market analysis (enterprise voluntarily processing)
1st, the related profession's market is what kind, what characteristic does the market have, whether can develop the corporate business on the Internet.
2nd, the market main competitor analyzes, competitor surfer situation and website plan, function.
3rd, the company own condition analysis, the company profile, can the market superiority, which competitive powers promote using the website, constructs the website ability (expense, technology, manpower and so on).

Second, constructs the website goal and the functional localization (enterprise processes or and Specialized company discussion voluntarily)
1st, why can establish the website, is to set up the enterprise image, the propaganda product, carries on the electronic commerce, establishes the professional website Is enterprise's primary need or market development extending
2nd, conformity company resources, definite website function. According to the company needs with the plan, the definite website function type:
Enterprise-type website, application website, commercial website (profession website), electronic commerce website; The enterprise website divides into the enterprise image, the product propaganda, on-line marketing, the customer service, electronic commerce and so on.
3rd, acts according to the website function, the definite website should achieve goal function.
4th, enterprise intranet (Intranet) construction situation and website extendibility.

Third, website technology solution (and Specialized company discussion)
Determines the website technology solution according to the website function.
1st, uses from constructs the server, rents the hypothesized main engine.
2nd, selecting operation system, with Window2000/NT or unix, Linux. Analysis invested cost, function, development, stability and secure and so on.
3rd, uses the template self-service station construction, the station construction meal or the personalized development.
4th, website secure measure, against black, anti-virus plan (, if uses hypothesized main engine, then this item does for somebody by Specialized company).
5th, what dynamic routine chooses and the corresponding database. Like procedure ASP, JSP, PHP; Database SQL, ACCESS, ORACLE and so on.

Fourth, the website content and realizes the way (and Specialized company discussion)
1st, determines the website according to the website goal the structure guidance.
Generally the enterprise-type website should include: The company said that the business movement, the product introduction, the customer service, the contact method, the online message and so on basic content. More contents for example: The frequently asked questions, the marketing network, solicit the best-qualified workers accept gentleman, online forum, English edition and so on.
2nd, determines the website conformity function according to the website goal and the content.
Like FLASH guidance page, member systematic, on-line shopping systematic, online payment, questionnaire survey system, online payment, information search referral system, current capacity statistics system and so on.
3rd, determines the website in the structure guidance each channel sub-column.
If the company introduces may include: President delivers a speech, the development process, the enterprise culture, the core superiority, the production base, the technical research and development, the partner, the main customer, the customer appraisal and so on; The customer service may include: Service hot line, service objective, service items and so on.
4th, determined that the website content realizes the way.
If product center use dynamic routine database or static page; The marketing network is selects the tabulation method or the map demonstration.

Fifth, homepage design
1st, the homepage design artistic designing request, the homepage artistic designing must be consistent generally with the enterprise overall image, must conform to enterprise CI the standard. Must pay attention to the homepage color, the picture application and the page layout plan, maintains the homepage the overall uniformity.
2nd, must consider the essential target visit community in the new technology's use the distributed region, the age bracket, the network speed, the reading custom and so on.
3rd, the formulation homepage edition correction plan, like a half year to one year carries on the big scale edition correction and so on.

Sixth, expense budget
1st, enterprise station construction expense preliminary estimate
Generally according to enterprise's scale, the station construction goal, higher authority's authorization decides.
2nd, the specialized station construction company provides the detailed functional description and the quoted price, the enterprise conducts the performance-to-price ratio research.
3rd, the website price from several thousand Yuan to hundreds of thousands Yuan different. If the elimination template type self-service station construction (volcano power usually reveals enterprise's website regardless of size, must have exclusiveness, if stereotyped to enterprise image's influence enormous) and seeks exorbitant profits the factor, the website construction's expense is proportional generally with the function request.

Seventh, website maintenance
1st, the server and the related software and hardware's maintenance, to the question which possibly appears carries on the appraisal, the formulation response time.
2nd, the database maintenance, uses the data is the website maintenance important content effectively, therefore the database maintenance needs to receive takes seriously.
3rd, content renewal, adjustment and so on.
4th, the formulation is related the website maintenance the stipulation, website maintenance institution, standardization.
5th, explained: Dynamic information's maintenance usually arranges the corresponding personnel by the enterprise to carry on the online renewal management; The static information (i.e. useless dynamic routine database support) may carry on the maintenance by the Specialized company.

Eighth, website test
The website issued that before, must carry on the careful thorough test, guarantees the normal browsing and the use. Main test content:
1st, writing, picture whether to have the mistake.
2nd, procedure and database test.
3rd, links whether to have the mistake.

Ninth, website issue and promotion
The above for the website plan's in primary coverage, according to the different demand and the station construction goal, the content will also be increasing or the reduction. In constructs at the beginning of the website certainly to carry on the careful plan, can serve the anticipated station construction purpose.

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