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Home >> 网站建设
The counter is one kind simple and applies the widespread homepage browsing number of times statistics function.
News issue system
The establishment news database, the manager increases, the revision, the deletion news title, the news content freely, supports the picture upload. The news is newest 5 to be possible to demonstrate that in the website home page, the click re moreenters the news channel.
Product issue system
Establishment product database
The manager according to the category free increase which, the revision, the deletion product range, the product introduction decides
Support picture upload
Support key words intelligence search
Supports the word form issue;
The support product category increases, the revision, the deletion
The manager establishes the newest product, the selling well product freely
Frequently asked questions
Because the frequently asked questions are quite generally many, moreover needs to increase frequently, generally uses the database the form.
Design: The establishment database, the manager increases, the revision, the deletion title, the content freely
Successful case
If the case are many, moreover needs to increase frequently, suggestion use database form.
Design: The establishment case database, the manager increases, the revision, the deletion case name, the explanation content freely
Marketing network
(1) designs: The information tabulation way, the manager increases, the revision, the deletion information freely
(2) designs: The map demonstrated that various regions mark accurately, the mouse process, demonstrates the corresponding information, the manager increases, the revision, the deletion information freely
Online message center
The visitor in the onstage may the direct message, the message be possible to demonstrate before the backstage or the transmission to the mailbox
The employment advertise issues the system
The establishment employment advertise information database, the manager increases, the revision, the deletion information name, the information content freely
Online forum
The establishment forum database, provides the open to the visitor classification seminar area service, the net friends may publish own certain impressions in this, exchange certain technologies, the experience and so on, may also the channel which exchanges as the user and the business, the business also be possible the question which proposed in this reply user or issues certain news
Member system
Design: Establishes the member database, the visitor may online register into the website member. After obtaining the user name, the password debarkation, may enter the member platform
Questionnaire survey system
The establishment investigation database, the manager may the backstage issue investigation subject and the choice answer. After the visitor chooses the answer, after the submission, may glance over
Answer stick plot demonstration
On-line commercial city system
Establishes the commercial city database, visitor online browsing product at the same time may the direct under order form, shopping cart''s application, supports the visitor to be redundant buys
The thing, and counts the shopping quantity and the amount
Current capacity statistics system
Through to the website home page''s immediate monitoring, carries on to website all visitors counts and analyzes.
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