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Makes a fine repair for yours on-line homeland! Your enterprise carried on the large amount advertisement investment through the Internet, the visit quantity had increased massively, but website whether still to have the benefit The function not entire, the design not artistic, nearly ever does not renew the website will give business image to bring the tremendous negative influence If your website provides the content was already obsolete, if your website constructs several years ago, and had not renewed, if your website lacks the interactive module, is unable to let the latent customer relate promptly with you, if your website structure is chaotic, let the latent customer not be able to find the wish the content, if you were unsatisfied to the existing website design, if your website were already unable to satisfy the corporate growth the need, that let us make a time brand-new edition correction design for yours website!

Website edition correction content:
1st, customer in profession, customer itself depth analysis.
2nd, website target users demand investigation.
3rd, customer original website whole diagnosis, analysis, and according to analysis result.
4th, carries on the communication consultation on the target users demand investigation and the diagnostic analysis report and the customer.
5th, works out the website structure plan, the content localization.
6th, determines the website edition correction each nuts and bolts.
7th, acts according to the website edition correction implementation plan, carries on the comprehensive development construction to the edition correction.
8th, function and performance characteristic test, after the revision, transplants into the actual operation environment the website, carries on the conformity test, until website opening issue.
9th, carries on the user degree of satisfaction investigation after the edition correction website, in time update correction update website not too reasonable or insufficient place, guaranteed that the website maximum limit satisfies the target users all demands.

Website edition correction price:
Maintains the website according to the customer the concrete demand implementation different maintenance work, the price refers to the website design and the procedure development, entire station this edition has the preferential benefit in addition.

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