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Home >> 网站建设

The website maintenance says regarding the enterprise is essential, because the website wants the root is enterprise's development, on the root society's development, must change along with enterprise's change, prompt maintenance into extremely important question. The blue color attraction provides the omni-directional website maintenance service.

The computer Internet develops today, already became a true commercial tool, the enterprise must utilize this modernized tool successfully, the essential maintenance maintenance, may guarantee the enterprise network the usability and the security. The entire journey as the Internet application service provider, provides the internal network maintenance service for the Small and medium-sized enterprise, is for the purpose of helping the enterprise to apply good Internet this tool truly, does truly into enterprise's electronic department of commercial affairs, the network technical department's role.

A good enterprise website, is not only the disposable manufacture perfect may, because enterprise's situation is changing unceasingly, the website content also needs along with it adjustment, for the human Chang Xin the feeling, your firm website only then even more to attract the visitor, moreover gives the visitor the very good impression. This request blue color attraction carries on the long-term uninterrupted maintenance and the renewal to the stand. Specially has promoted the new product in the enterprise, or had the new service content, and so on had the big movement or changed, should enterprise's existing condition promptly in yours website reflect, with the aim of letting the customer and the partner prompt understood that your detailed condition, you might also obtain the corresponding feedback information promptly, with the aim of making the reasonable processing result.

The website maintenance is not only the homepage content renewal, including carries on the homepage content through the FTP software the upload, asp, cgi- the bin table of contents management, the counter document management; Website regular extension service and so on. The renewal is refers to, in does not change the website structure and in the page form situation, increases or the revision content for the website fixed column. For example an electronic commerce website, it needs to increase the line of goods in the movement, also needs makes the revision to the commodity description or the quoted price, by must carry on the renewal to the website content. The maintenance is refers to the website movement condition carries on the monitoring, discovered that the operational problems solve promptly, and carries on the website movement's related situation the statistics, carries on the report to the blue color attraction's customer.

If a website has not renewed
Regarding any website, if must maintain to throughout the customer enough attraction, carries on the content the renewal is the only way regularly. If visits the website the visitor each time saw the website is the same, then they will come in the future also Several month one year irrevocable homepage attraction may not even say, such result can only be visits the population the unceasing drop, simultaneously will also have the negative influence to company's overall image. In fact, the majority enterprise websites will be small moreover ever do not renew, cause the browsing to think that these companies will be small, the technical force will be weak, one kind cannot be trusted the feeling for the human.

About website maintenance question and answer:

What company needs the website maintenance
Your company in the development, the product type is increasing, the service content is more perfect, has the new successful case, bigger sales networkhether this all you do tell you through your company's website first time the customer, the partner also to have the dealer Company's each news, the new product, the successful case is approaching the outside to transmit an information - your company in positively enterprising, develops unceasingly. Your website during renewal, the user to your confidence along with it enhancement, because the website will take the company foreign media window, can represent your company's vigor. Whether you have had such experience, after the website constructs, is unable to achieve satisfaction the movement effect Or has the recent information to be unable to renew promptly The hope packs the website How did the software make a mistake has managed The hope has a safer reliable movement environment you no longer to need to establish the specialized department or the invitation specialists now carries on the comprehensive maintenance to company's website, the blue color attraction has specialized network maintenance engineer and the outstanding homepage designer team, is responsible for maintenance supervisory work and so on your website system maintenance, data maintenance, homepage maintenance. The real-time monitoring network state, will provide the most complete website maintenance service blue color attraction for you to leave leeway one year archive for your firm website, everything will run into the hacker or other uncertain destructions, the blue color attraction will restore your enterprise's website comprehensively, will safeguard the customer the benefit. Please dial 86-010-67682889, the blue color attraction will explain your question in detail, according to your company's actual situation, will work out a fast effective website maintenance plan.

How then I do give the material you
The simple document you may send the mail. If the material are too many, perhaps needs to confess in front, the blue color attraction will visit to take, certainly, you certainly will be in Beijing area.

If the material is not the electronic text
Free inputs the non-electronic text material, each page limits in 500 Chinese character characters. Surpasses 500 Chinese character characters according to 8 Yuan/thousand character computations. , you only need in the time to have the consideration.

If is the picture
The blue color attraction scans. Not only these, if you need, the blue color attraction will also photograph for you, for instance the product or the office block, you might like this new product prompt putting to the website.

How did I know when you can complete
Will attain the material the time blue color attraction to check the demand with you, simultaneously will judge the work load, in the first time with you decided will complete time. Moreover, when the blue color attraction uploads the content after yours website, also immediately the telephone message you will approve.

Then my wonderful idea
The blue color attraction has the specialty designer and the high-level technical personnel assists to complete this aspect the work, moreover, your maintenance expense, if accumulates surpasses for one year, the blue color attraction free will design set of main pages for you, will facilitate your present's edition correction.

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