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Homepage design service items (Web Design Service)
Project Serial number Description
Film title animation WDS01 Overall style design: The mold has extremely shocks the effect the website entrance animation
WDS02 Flash animation effect manufacture: Guides the website overall style, prominent enterprise vivid characteristic
Vivid page WDS03 Static state
Home page design WDS04 Artistic: By writing and picture constitution, page layout neat natural, uses the split field technology.
WDS05 Art: The creativity design and the picture processing, use other high-level technologies suitably, 2 sets of plans, choose by the customer.
Second-level page design
Content page WDS06 A4 paper size, in each page of 500 characters
Website Logo WDS07
Banner advertisement manufacture WDS08 Gif animation effect
Flash animation effect WDS9 Non-interactive
Java animation effect WDS10 Writing, graph animation and so on
Product three dimensional picture WDS11
Banner designs 1 WDS12 120*60 picture element, 4 within gif animations
Banner designs 2 WDS13 within 120*60 picture element, 6 seconds Flash animation
Banner designs 3 WDS14 468*60 picture element, 6 within gif animations
Banner designs 4 WDS15 within 468*60 picture element, 6 seconds Flash animation
Gif animation manufacture WDS16 in 6, the design requirements manufacture which proposed according to the customer
Picture processing WDS17
Picture scanning WDS18
Click enlargement picture WDS19 Does not produce the new htm page
Outside the digital camera pats WDS20 Visits the expense 100 Yuan/times
Background music WDS21 Provides the MIDI person or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably high compensation when the land is requisitioned for a construction project music
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