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M1B (foundation) hypothesized main engine
Independent website space:
Independent backup space:
Independent enterprise post office:
Independent data space:
Independent diary space:
User space total quantity:
380 Yuan/years
684 Yuan/two years
1520 Yuan/five years
Spatial procedure support:
CGI and ASP, Php, Asp.net,
NAS memory system, against dawdle machine system, free firewall service
247365 manual telephone technical support + artificial on-line technique support
Ultra strong hypothesized main engine control panel + domain name control panel
Is suitable the object:
The Small and medium-sized enterprise, the primary user construct simply interactive, the small static enterprise website first choice.

Detailed information (Specifications)
Project Characteristic
Main engine space and visit current capacity
Independent website space 100M
Independent backup space 100M
Independent enterprise post office space 50M
Independent database space -
Independent diary space 50M
Gross space quantity 300M
Price Standard 380 Yuan/year 684 Yuan/two year 1520 Yuan/five years
Month visit current capacity 15G/month
Hypothesized main engine function support
FTP management /td>
Independent CGI table of contents -
Perl 5 -
Php 5 -
ASP /td>
The manager password changes voluntarily /td>
Hypothesized main engine control panel function
Chinese WEB control panel /td>
Revision password /td>
From definition error message /td>
FrontPage expansion -
Mail management /td>
Domain name management /td>
Diary analysis /td>
Revision database password -
Database backup -
Php Myadmin -
SQL Server inquiry -
Email function support
Independent enterprise post office space 50M
Mailbox biggest start quantity 10
Single mailbox smallest space 5M
Web interface management /td>
Infinite alias Email mailbox /td>
POP3, SMTP, the WEB way receives sending a letter /td>
SMTP sending a letter authentication /td>
The mail refuses to accept, the mail filtration /td>
Automatic retransmission, automatic reply /td>
Counter-viral mail /td>
Anti-spam /td>
Address book management /td>
Program management /td>
Mail territory user management /td>
Database function support
Database type -
Database space -
Network security
Firewall service /td>
The main engine has custom-made the security policy /td>
Data fixed time backup /td>
User independent backup /td>
Technical support and safeguard
247365 telephone technical support /td>
247365 on-line technique support /td>
On-line assistance documents /td>
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