network marketing key word characteristic

2009/6/7 18:11:31    
Through the track analysis, we discovered that the network marketing key word has the following characteristic:
(1) dispersivity
Before carrying on the key word statistics, author once subjectively believed that he network marketingpossibly retrieves the network marketing related homepage most commonly used key word, this in certain search engines indeed so, but in fact, the reader uses high which he network marketingthis key word's proportion far has not imagined, is only 7.8%. May see according to the above statistical result, the true general network marketing key word are not many, often is the network marketing with other each kind of glossary combination, but its central content with he course, downloading, the theory, the method, the case, the managementand so on is related, all contains he network marketingthe key word also has 30.7%.
(2) specialization
Because he network marketingis an general glossary, will have nearly 100,000 in the google retrieval result, if wanted to find meets oneself needs the information is not the easy matter completely, therefore the user even more tended uses some special-purpose glossaries or several key word combination. At the same time, favors from the user in uses the google search engine's phenomenon also to be possible to see, the specialized user are more some, therefore often uses has personalized the key word, this also creates a network marketing key word scattered primary cause.
(3) pointed
What with network marketing key word scattered disposition correspondence is its pointed, namely the user uses the key word often aims at some concrete network marketing method, like n-line store marketing strategy he cybercommunity marketing n-line store marketing strategy he Small business website design he member makes the marketing The network marketing key word pointed is also the specialized one kind of manifestation, explained that has more professionals to study and the participation network marketing practice with the specialized way, this is a good phenomenon.
Although the network marketing's key word is very scattered, we also do not need to feel for this reason disappointed, also explained that caters to the user the interest to design the key word effect specially not to be actually obvious, more importantly provides richly, the true valuable content in the homepage, like this, regardless of the user retrieves through any key word, its core thought nothing else but each kind of network aspects and so on marketing's concept, method, skill, case and effect, a specialized website the possibility which retrieves is quite been always high.
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