anything is the network marketing

2009/6/7 18:11:32    
What is the network marketing he network marketing is an enterprise overall marketing strategy constituent, is to realize, take the Internet which the enterprise overall operation objectives carry on as essential method building on-line condition of business each kind of>The network marketing concept's synonym includes: On-line marketing, Internet marketing, online marketing, network marketing and so on. These glossaries said are the identical meanings, said generally, the network marketing is take the Internet as the principal means development marketing activity.
The network marketing has the very strong practical characteristic, from the practice discovered that the network marketing the general method and the rule, have the practical significance compared to the empty theory discussion. Therefore, how defines the network marketing is not actually most important, the key is needs to understand the network marketing the real sense and the goal, is also understood fully the Internet this kind of new marketing environment, uses each kind of Internet tool to provide the effective support for the enterprise marketing activity. Why can this is also take the network marketing practice means in the network marketing research the reason.
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