knowledge marketing and network marketing relations

2009/6/7 18:11:32    
In the knowledge marketing definition has not mentioned he network marketing but the knowledge marketing and the network marketing's relations are very close, because the knowledge marketing and the network marketing's thought is tallies completely. Regarding the present stage network marketing's core thought that may further simple explanation be: Through the reasonable use Internet resources (for example network marketing tool and method and so on), realize the network marketing information effective transmission, is advantageous for building in the enterprise development condition of business lays the foundation.
Obviously, the knowledge marketing and the network marketing's relations may understand like this: The knowledge marketing needs certain information dissemination way, the network marketing realizes one of knowledge marketing strategy best methods; The network marketing needs to transmit the valuable information to the user, but the knowledge marketing's content is in the network marketing information source to the user most valueable part.
In fact, the knowledge marketing and the network marketing sometimes originally are identicals, but not necessarily uses he knowledge marketingin the network marketing this quite general concept, but uses the blog marketing, the rss marketing and the virulent marketing and so on more concrete network marketing terminology. For instance the very popular blog marketing is one at present knowledge marketing concrete manifestation forms. On-line marketing new observation proposed to the blog marketing's definition in: he blog marketing is one kind based on individual knowledge resources (including manifestations and so on thought that experience) network information transmission form. Therefore, the development blog marketing's foundation question is grasps, the study and the effective use to some domain knowledge, and through achieves the marketing information transmission to the knowledge dissemination the goal
Similarly, the virulent marketing, the mail tabulation marketing, the rss marketing and so on need certain knowledge are premises, therefore may understand for the knowledge marketing manifestation, each different name concrete network marketing method, then becomes the knowledge dissemination the manifestation.
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