blue color attraction constructs the website to have what superiority

2009/6/7 23:09:51    
the service superiority
The blue color attraction insisted throughout serves the supreme principle, gives the biggest attention to customer any suggestion and the appraisal, we fully realized that can complete the service well with the customer good communication, can maximum limit achieve the customer to be satisfied.

Talented person superiority
The blue color attraction insisted throughout the humanist principle, attracted one batch to be ambitious in impelling the outstanding talent who the Chinese Internet enterprise developed, they or graduated from the well-known university's computer specialty, or graduated from the central fine arts colleges and universities, but also had the senior professional market marketing and the business management personnel, was the modern enterprise develops the professional who and the best assistant the electronic commerce marketing might trust.

Technical superiority
The blue color ional attraction one group of outstanding fine arts designer, they mostly has graduated in the Fine arts academy or is related the colleges and universities, many year experience and the artistic exploration, cause them to be in the domestic website art layout the most front row. The blue color attraction has more than 10 year system engineer Unix experience's, the CISCO router expert, the Orcale database expert, Microsoft MCSE to authenticate engineer, Java/ASP/Perl/C to program the master and the network security expert, guarantees the first-class technical support.

Experience superiority
Regardless of the Chinese blue color attraction network pursues the acme of perfection from the data traffic from the website construction. The company has formed in many year practices from already the unique theory and the method, enables the company to aim at the customer the special details to make the reasonable plan.

Strength superiority
The Chinese blue color attraction network has the domestic first-class engine room environment, provides the omni-directional ISP service, simultaneously acts Sina, Sohu, the net to be easy on all fronts, baidu, 3721, Chinese search alliance, Google, Yahoo ......Search engine, network advertisement and so on each kind of network product and network extension service.

Management superiority
The blue color attraction reveals only then the first-class management to be able to accomplish the first-class service, the standardized procedure, the advanced control system, altitude coordinated and the team spirit, possesses all these, is the blue color attraction survival and the development foundation, because is also all customers may trust the blue color attraction the root.

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