website construction price question

2009/6/8 0:31:28    
onstructs the website to want the question which the how much moneythis is we most often hears, every day will have many customers to consult the website the price. Certainly, the website construction price indeed is one of customer most issues of concern. The website construction price's determining factor are many, according to the blue color attraction's experience, the price website is possible only then several thousand Yuan, high has hundreds of thousands. Actually constructs the website the price to consider from the following several aspects.
1. Website localization
Mainly considered that you construct the website to make anything to use. This good lid building, you are must construct an economy practical, must construct an upscale community, must consider the question and the scope are completely dissimilar. Therefore the price dispersion can also be many. If you are one to the CI request high enterprise, certainly can also be very high to the website localization.
2. Website plan
Whether to need specialists' plan plan, is mainly to aspect and so on website column, website function, website style, website tone, operation strategy, website marketing plans.
3. Website design
To the website design style's request height, includes:
Whether to request the guidance page;
Home page design difficulty;
Refers to the stand the difficulty;
Second-level page style quantity;
Whether to have the high difficulty flash design;
Whether to have the massive website special effect;
Whether to need DIV+CSS;
Website content who increases, some websites have over ten thousand kind of commodities, the content increase can also be.
4. Website column
Website column how many as well as order of complexity.
5. Website function
Complex website function, for instance multistage jurisdictions, member rank, column rank, online fixed purchase; Also has some, for instance Ajax, complex feedback form, video frequency, downloading, blog, BBS, RSS.
System debugging;
Cross browser.
6. Website development language and database
Asp. The Net, Php, Jsp its development's difficulty degree is different; Database access, SQL, Mysql, the Oracle price is dissimilar.
7. Website trust
Registration Chinese domain name or English domain name;
Registers how many domain names, a some website time possible to register many domain names;
Where did the website do must place, the different engine room's speed and the stability were different, the price was dissimilar;
The common situation rents the hypothesized main engine, but must look that rents spatial the size;
Certainly also has the customer to need the independent main engine, then the trust and the server purchase, the server management, the server safe are also not the small expenses;
Whether to need the independent database;
Whether to need the independent mailbox.
8. Time request
The website project is must in assign in the time to complete according to the plan, if will have the urgent also possibly affect price; Some projects will possibly request massive working overtime;
9. Website maintenance
To website maintenance request; Whether to need the website outsourcing;
10. Other
Whether multilingual;
Whether needs to provide the translation;
Whether needs to visit to communicate;
Whether needs to visit to train;
Whether needs to visit to install.
Payment method.
The above these are the common decision website construction price factors, in brief, needs to design the creativity quantity and the request, the technical difficulty, column how many, the time urgent as well as related value-added service how many, these is the website design price most main determining factor. The customer will regard price this will be the perfectly justified matter, but we have not met nearly have only regarded the price the customer, a website will be the enterprise image demonstration after all, also will be one time precious sets up the enterprise network image the opportunity, must therefore construct the website which satisfied, will resources are well used is the customer true idea, will be many because of the website solid load bearing's humanities factor and the service factor. The blue color attraction has surpasses 7 year history, has with several thousand customer communication experience, can always act according to the customer the project budget and the website request, establishes a satisfied website for the customer quantity body.
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