carry on the website to set up a file

2009/6/19 10:31:35    

The website sets up a file the flow - to let you fast set up a file through the website!

1st, opens: "Information industrial department ICP/IP Address message Sets up a file Management system management system"

2nd, the new user click registers one to set up a file management user, like chart:

Fills in the related information

Here pays attention: Essential filling in real effective handset number, email account number, will otherwise be unable through the identification authentication.

3rd, after registering successfully, returns to the home page to carry on registers.

4th, examined again your cell phone text messages, examines the mailbox, will receive the confirmation code inputs separately carries on the confirmation, following chart:

To this step, some users will ask frequently " how won't be able to receive the handset confirmation code to manage? Should not be anxious, downward looked, how one will tell you to solve this problem.

5th, after success confirmation, then we must increase our domain name to set up a file the information, clicks on ICP to set up a file the information acquisition, like chart:

The following form's option is very simple believed that everybody can fill,

Will not fill in this table, will have a look at the following explanation carefully

6th, then must fill in some related information which your website uses, these information are generally provide by yours main engine business or the engine room, not clear may ask your main engine business
Criss-crossed news's main engine business is: 鈥渢he positivity too鈥? IP invites a ping your domain name, the form for example: ping

In the figure above demonstrated spot here examined that the detailed information did not use, occasionally directly pasted, under looked.

Common several options showed:
1) Organizing unit name: Individual please fill in own name
2) Organizing unit valid identification number: The ID card number, the military officer prove, the driver license and so on valid identification number
3) Website person in charge EMAIL address: Your effective mailbox address
4) Respective turning on service provider: For example is the solar net engine room, in the middle operation following input 鈥減ositivity too鈥? then search option 鈥淪henzhen positive network Limited company too鈥? increase.
5) Website turning on way: The browsing choice 鈥渢he hypothesized main engine鈥?(these are act according to you to use server actual situation to fill in)
6) The server lays aside the place: The browsing choice (these are act according to you to use server actual situation to fill in)
7) Whether only through the IP visit: Otherwise
8) Website domain name tabulation: Inputs domain name address which you want to set up a file
9) Whether dynamic IP: Choice static state
10) Whether the start column does involve the pretage examination or the special examination content: Was sure to remember that must choose 鈥渙ther鈥?/font>, non-managerial can only choose this, what chooses other is cannot pass.

7th, has been good, filled, then we submitted.

8th, if you receive set up a file through the application mail, that congratulated you. Then must do a matter,
Each will set up a file will have one to set up a file the certificate, will register sets up a file the system, will set up a file the certificate document to download and to upload to the spatial root directory cert folder, if will not have the cert table of contents, will be newly built.

If when ICP sets up a file two times cannot receive on handset's confirmation code short note, please press the following methods to carry on sets up a file:

1st, debarkation country information industrial department website: (
2nd, registration user: (after registering, only received mail confirmation code, but has not received on handset's confirmation code)

3rd, returns the country information industrial department website ( the main page

4th, after input user name, password, confirmation code, clicks on the debarkation

5th, in this time website prompts once more must input 鈥渢he handset confirmation code鈥?and 鈥渢he mailbox confirmation code鈥?---Please do not input.

6th, (i.e. in the IE browser) inputs in the address fence

7th, carriage return

8th, carries on sets up a file

Special reminder: You must use one to be able to receive the mail confirmation code the mailbox to carry on the application, if cannot receive please do replace the mailbox, until receiving. Because later whether through to set up a file the examination, the information will produce the letter department to inform you by the mail form!

Summarized, discovered that telephones to request processing to various provinces correspondence administrative bureau compared to wait for naturally by far must have the effect many. After all, each province has tens of thousands of new stations to set up a file every month information requirement processing, but various provinces verification sets up a file the service also on such person. Must want to obtain own station sets up a file through or first obtains passes, telephones to request processing without doubt is a very effective method.

Various provinces, the autonomous region, the municipality correspondence administrative bureau sets up a file the consultation hot line number
The serial number name sets up a file the consultation hot line
1 Hebei Province correspondence administrative bureau 0311-12300 0311-86699039 0311-86859958
2 Sichuan province correspondence administrative bureau 028-87013129
3 Hainan Province correspondence administrative bureau 0898-66533681 0898-66533682
4 Shandong Province correspondence administrative bureau 0531-82092828
5 Guangdong Province correspondence administrative bureau 020-87626810,87628386
6 Jiangsu Province correspondence administrative bureau 025-85039806
7 Qinghai Province correspondence administrative bureau 0971-8588284
8 Shanxi Province correspondence administrative bureau 029-88333377
9 Hubei Province correspondence administrative bureau 027-87796899
10 Shanxi Province correspondence administrative bureau 0351-8788032 0351-8788039
11 Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region correspondence administrative bureau 0471-6684145 0471-6684170
12 Tibet Autonomous Region correspondence administrative bureau 0891-6329494
13 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region correspondence administrative bureau 0771-2628411 0771-2639992
14 Anhui Province correspondence administrative bureau 0551-5680622
15 Chongqing Correspondence Administrative bureau 023-68583779 023-12300
16 Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region correspondence administrative bureau 0951-12300
17 Tianjin Correspondence Administrative bureau 022-60351158
18 Heilongjiang Province correspondence administrative bureau 0451-53005815
19 Jilin Province correspondence administrative bureau 0431-8925397
20 Jiangxi Province correspondence administrative bureau 0791-6218176 0791-6252504
21 Hunan Province correspondence administrative bureau 0731-2338652 0731-2338625
22 Gansu Province correspondence administrative bureau 0931-4501253 0931-4501254
23 Shanghai Correspondence Administrative bureau 021-63905006
24 Henan Province correspondence administrative bureau 0371-65795110 0371-65795119 0371-65330166
25 Fujian Province correspondence administrative bureau 0591-28355716
26 Yunnan Province correspondence administrative bureau 0871-3557966
27 Zhejiang Province correspondence administrative bureau 0571-87078277
28 Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region correspondence administrative bureau 0991-5858733
29 Guizhou Province correspondence administrative bureau 0851-12300 0851-5624224
30 Liaoning Province correspondence administrative bureau 024-86581199
31 Beijing Correspondence Administrative bureau 010-63310094

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